Tuesday, May 7, 2013


-- Clients include:  Harpo, US Government, BBC, Nbc, Hsn, History, SciFi, BET Hsn, Nfl Films, Fox Fx, Theater, Fox, Chik Fil A, Walmart, JC Penney, Abercrombie, and on.

Print includes:  many editorial campaigns featured in magazines such as:  Jet, Vanity Fair, People, Hsn Magazine, Womens Fitness International, Sly Magazine, Shape,  Promotional Fashion catalogs, Standees, Book Covers, Billboards and collaborations with photographers/freelance.

Feature Films as listed on Imdb:  Kelly Nagle

Some celebs I have worked with Network Beauty and Florida freelancer:   President Obama, Bradley Cooper, Leanza Cornett,  the Borghese's, Antthony, Diane Gilman, Sandra Lee, Bubba, Hulk Hogan, MJ, Bryan Cranston, Billy Ray Cyrus, Zandra Rhodes, John Tesh,  Donny Osmond, The Nipons, Julie Scardina,  Jack Hanna, Gayle Hayman, Olivia Newton John, Alana Stewart, Bruce Jenner,  Jennifer Stallone, Elizabeth Regen, Jennie Finch, Sonny Marinelli, Mark Margolis, Polly Bergen, Cissy Houston, Tatiana Von Furstenberg + Diane, Marisa Berenson, Cory Everson, Robin Givens, Leanza Cornett, Model Channing Tatum, Evel Knievel, Bryan Cranston, Mike Alstott, Billy Mays and Sully, Jerome Alexander, Joe Blasco, Alana Stewart,  Donny Osmond, Jerome Alexander, Sissy Biggers, Rudy Guiliani, Fred Hayman and mnay others @ Hsn, Fox and as freelancer.

Promo clients include P and G, Starbucks, Target, Saks, Nordstrom and more.

Corporate work:  Regional Glamour Shots trainer, Home Shopping Network, Network Beauty team member, Freelance in Florida, Lumina, Studio 75, First Impressions, visiting clients booked on freelance basis.

Sunday, August 30, 2009



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  • Imdb Kelly Nagle

Regional trainer:  Hair, Makeup, Styling:  Print
Live Television Hair and Makeup Artist
Freelancer:  all media

Clients include:
Us Gov't: President Barack Obama-- Bloomberg- Adm William J Fallon,-Neil Cavuto-Rudy Guiliani- First Responders Ntpi training video counterterrorism-  Dayplay: Who Am I, Spike Lee-George Wallace, shoot for his Grandmother w/Mr Wallace,  Human Animals- Foxfx -History Channel,-Ft DeSoto Final 4, Dick Vitale, Harpo-Robin Givens-- Discovery-Leanza Cornett, iamsecond-Tony Dungy,  HGTV-Chi Lon Lieu,  MTV-BBC, All HSN Hosts, Vendors Models for 14 years, Live TV and on.

Fashion:  Diane Von Furstenberg + Tatiana,  Marisa Berenson, The Gucci's, Gayle Haymon, Christine Alt, Stephanie Seymour Intimates, Zandra Rhodes, Diane Gilman, Antthony, GQ, Seventeen Magazine, Harpo-Tampa Runway, Beall's, Dillards, DavidandGoliathtees.com, Womens Fitness, Abercrombie, JC Penney's, Sly, First Impressions, Tyrone Mall, SoapNet, and more.

Print: Sly, Fox, Hsn, Nygard/Dillards-Vanity Fair, Shape, Walmart, Tampa Penney's, Abercrombie, Prevention, Womens Fitness Intl, Jet, Bealls, Book Covers, Political Advertising, The Shoe Company, Publix, Casual Living,  Barry Cohen, Florida Trend, Work Net, Salon Print Ads and Magazines,  Unodomani, TBBuccaneers, Regions, ValPak, Sally Beauty Supply and on.

Television: Hsn, Hsn Bet, Scripps:  Fox, FoxFx, Nfl Films, Harpo, History, BBC,  Discovery, TV Guide Channel, Daytime and more.

Video:  Microsoft@Hsn, Us Gov't, Sully, MacDill, Walmart, WorkNet, Chik Fil A, TGIFridays, numerous Banks and Investment Firms, iamsecond, Seadoo, Fantastic Sam's Rooms To Go and more.

Musical:  Cissy Houston, Jerry Wexler, Wild Cherry, John Tesh, Frankie Avalon and others as Makeup and Talent.

Film: Spongebob, Squarepants, and numerous other Imdb listings dayplay:  numerous local feature stops.

Web--President Obama, Hayhouse Radio, Barry Cohen, dgttees, Hsn, Verizon and others

Promotional:  L'Oreal Hair and Makeup, Starbucks, Saks, Target, Nordstrom to name a few.